Teen wolf

Teen wolf is a really good American televison series which stars Tyler Posey as Scott Mccall, who is out one night with his best friend Stiles Stilinski, played by Dylan O 'brien, and gets bitten by a werewolf and turns into one. Scott has to learn how to cope with being a werewolf and how it affects his life and his friend's lives. Teen wolf is amazing and I love it so much and the cast is very good looking and the show is very interesting, one of my favourite characters is a werewolf hunter and Scott's first girlfriend and love, Allison Argent. Scott and his pack have to face all these supernatural monsters and it is very scary, but thrilling. Teen wolf is pretty unforgettable.


I love my friends a lot because they love me and are always there for me. I always have fun with my friends and they are enjoyable to be around. We go shopping and eat food, or have sleepovers or parties. Friends are a very important part of our lives and being human. Friends wish well for each other and should always support each other.

Cute animals

I love cute animals so much. Cute animals are so adorable and usually fluffy or babies. Cute animals are so joyful to look at and can make you very happy and go awwww A lot of people find dogs cute, cats or pandas, but the top ten cutest animals in peoples opinions are, Foxes, Hippos, Turtles, cats, mandarin duckling (which are a type of colourful duck), monkeys, pandas and red pandas, dolphins, wolves and lastly, penguins. As you can see, most of these animals are fluffy, because fluffy animals are very cute. If you have time, you should google some cute animals, especially if you are sad, it will cheer you up straight away!

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